Nepal 2012

Unter diesem Menüpunkt sind die Berichte des Nepalaufenthalts 2012 zu finden. Wählt bitte im Menü den gewünschten Bericht aus.

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  1. sorry cudnt find other way to contact so did it here ;)

    hi !! there !! brigitte nd herbert !!
    hope u guys had a nice journey
    wer doin fine here hope so are u guys.
    today i went to the hospital where the triplets are.the babies n the mother are gud.two babies with the mother and only the third in the NICU.(980 grams as per today) waitin for her to be at least 11oo gms and feeding.the mother is not short of money at the moment and it should do for at least two more weeks or further.

    lastly here’s a joke for u guys!!

    After a nice dinner two couples got up from the table. The ladies went into the kitchen and the men went into the family room.
    One of the gents said to the other, „I think it is so wonderful how you call your wife, „honey pie“ and „sweet pea“, and „sugar“ all the time.
    The other man said, „Well to tell you the truth, four years ago, I forgot her name.“

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